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Cody Bret said "Sometimes I think about the different characters I play in everybody’s story. I’m a terrible person in some people's narratives and a Godsend in others. And none of it has anything to do with the person I truly am. The lens that others view you through is colored by their upbringing, beliefs, and individual experiences. Some people see your bright personality as endearing and others see it as annoying. Some people think you’re weak and emotional and others feel safe to be themselves around you. Some people think you’re rude and selfish and others respect the way you stand up for yourself. Some people admire the way you take pride in the way you look and others think you’re conceited. And none of it has to do with who you truly are as a person. What you have to understand is that you have no authority over how people view you so never try to control the way others see you because the only thing that truly matters when the dust settles down at the end of the day is what you genuinely see in yourself.